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Five for Friday

1. I want tacos! No, I want burritos! I’m gonna have to visit my favorite taco truck. Satisfying these cravings is rough and I’m not even pregnant.

2. The nephew left for two weeks with his other grandparents. I miss him so much already. Who am I supposed to watch movies with now?

3. Sweet sixteen luau tomorrow. I’m down to party with sixteeners. That is totally a word. Weather is supposed to be warm but hopefully we’ll have that cool ocean breeze in San Pedro.

4. My drivers license expires next month. It’s been 10 years already? Lucky me I get to renew it by mail again. My pt thinks I should practice driving around and see how my arm feels. As much as I’ve wished for this moment, I’m kinda nervous to get back out there.

5. So yesterday during my physical, doctor said I have lumpy breasts and was also like “and I don’t feel any mass, so that’s a good thing”. Not only are my boobs small but lumpy too, thanks lady!



This is true art right here.

Humans are great

Who is your favorite musician and what was your favorite concert?

Tough question. I can’t just list one musician. There are so many if not all in some way, shape, or form are my favorite.
The few concerts I’ve been to I’ve enjoyed them all but believe it or not my favorite was a Tego Calderon concert at the Hollywood Casino in Inglewood, in ‘06. Reggaeton was so in that summer, plus he’s an awesome Puerto Rican rapper. It was so amped, definitely knows how to put on a great show. My girl friends and I danced till we got tired.

I saw him again at another concert the next year.

I was gonna add this one to the six but I couldn’t find it. Because any picture with Cody is a beautiful one.

Perfect for throwback Thursday

I was gonna add this one to the six but I couldn’t find it. Because any picture with Cody is a beautiful one.

Perfect for throwback Thursday

imfeelingrandy tagged me on six selfie pictures you feel beautiful meme. Thanks!
1. My beautiful cousin and I always take pictures together. This was mother’s day in Mexico. We got super wasted and had a blast. We asian!
2. The sister and I. My first time going out since surgery. It was Fisher’s last game in LA. I couldn’t be happier. I love my sister for taking me to this Lakers game, meant so much.
3. Rocked the bangs last spring and summer and loved them.
4. That time the sister dolled me up for her makeup academy. Had me considering for a second that I’d make a beautiful bride.
5. I love my wild hair but I miss my long straight hair.
6. At the happiest place on earth! By the look on my face you’d never think I was having a severe surgery just 3 days away. My family wanted me to live a winter wonderland since I was gonna be spending Christmas in a hospital.
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I’m going in this morning to get a physical and they’ve asked to go fasting

So that means no coffee and I am not happy!

They got guns to my head, I think I'm going down, I can't believe this is happening in my own town. They took my rings. They took my Rolex. I looked at the brother and said damn what's next?

I gotta come up real quick before they start to clown. I best pull out my strap and lay them busters down…


So very important.

Truesday part 3 or whatever


If you live in SoCal, there is no reason for you to NOT go to a legit taqueria instead of Chipotle for your burrito.

I thought showering would take this lazy feeling away

I was wrong.


If you could only see me when I think of you, then maybe you would understand the way that I feel.

Warren G ft. Nate Dogg - Regulators
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Regulatorrrrs… Mount up!!

If you could choose one mythical creature to exist, what would it be?

Ooh not sure how this can work since they spit out fire and fly, I’d say dragons. I seen Eragon and that little dragon is too cool. I think if they existed knowing humans they’d find a way to tame them, maybe another means of transportation. Dragon flight!