Me, myself, & Cody
A Story I Don’t Like To Tell

It was a Thursday evening sometime early August in 2004 and I had just gotten into a fight with my dad. It was the fight I blogged about him saying he didn’t care what happened to me. I called my friend Freddy to pick me up ‘cause I didn’t want to be at home. We went to the beach, smoked some weed, and I vented.

Since I had plans to leave to Florida with my best friend Ana in the morning, I asked Freddy if he could give me a ride to pick her up so she could spend the night and we’d leave from there (I live close to the LAX airport).

Before we headed to her house, our friend Jesse called to pick him up from another friend’s house. We did. Jesse then asked where we were going. I told him. Then he asked if there would be any trouble. Both Freddy and I answered no. I had been to her house plenty of times. Sure it was in a gang neighborhood but they never started anything with me or people who went to her house.

We picked her and her 3 month old baby up. Freddy and Jesse helped with her luggage. The car was a two-door Blazer. In the back was Ana and Jesse and the baby. What caught my attention was that she didn’t place the car seat in the middle, she put it to the right of her.

As we pulled out a car slowed down and made a u-turn toward us. I felt that couldn’t be good. But I didn’t say anything not to get anyone nervous. We caught a red light. And the car (a blue Continental, I think) drove around us but stopped to block us. It was only one guy in the car. He proceeded to bang on Freddy. He asked where he was from (what hood/gang). Freddy wasn’t a gang member, he said he didn’t bang. This went back and forth. The guy takes out a gun and puts it on his lap. Light still on red. Ana yells saying she has her baby in the car. Guy says “SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH”. So many things running through my mind, but mostly not to panic, but isn’t there rules? He started to move his car slowly, little by little unblocking us. My only thought at that moment was if this guy wanted to have used that gun, he would’ve already. He pointed it at Freddy and I yelled at Freddy GOOOOO!!! Freddy reacted and drove away, not before the guy shooting two times. You could smell the gun powder in the car by the time we reached the main intersection, Jesse was yelling “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!” He had been shot in the right knee. Ana was crying because her baby could have been hit, exactly where Jesse’s knee was at, that’s where the car seat would’ve been if she had placed the baby in the middle.

I don’t know why I didn’t lose it either. I wasn’t driving but I took control of the situation. I had to instruction Freddy how to get to the nearest hospital. We had to leave Jesse there. We drove back to my house, cleaned out the car from all the blood. The bullet went through the driver’s door, through Freddy’s seat belt, into the side of the left passenger’s seat, and into Jesse’s right knee. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPEN?! This has been one of the worst night’s of my life. Sadly I’ve experienced similar nights. Jesse is okay, back to normal. Jesse was injured but this bullet could have killed Freddy, if it hadn’t travel. And I will never forget the guy’s face.

I tried to keep this as short as possible.