Me, myself, & Cody
Let Down


Earlier today I sent a pic out to 8 tumblr peeps.

I said it was for Serious Silly Face because the sexiest thing is when you can be totally stupid with someone.

I told them to take one and pass it on.

No one sent me one.

So, here is the pic for you.

Anyone willing to take one for me tonight?

I’ll play along for you Jon!

Here’s a very unflattering picture of my little tongue and I! It’s not serious.



Beauty, they say,

is in the eye

of the beholder.

If that is so,

and I think

you are beautiful,

does that make

me beautiful too?


you are.

Am I?

One or the Other… Give reasons
  1. Toilet paper, under or over? 

    Over. It’s just the way its supposed to go.

  2. If you drop an ice cube when trying to put it in your glass, do you wash it off or get a new one?

    I get a new one.

  3. Do you roll up the toothpaste, or just keep squeezing it up?

    Squeeze it from bottom to top. I put my toothpaste in a cup and I don’t like the way it looks rolled up.

  4. If taking birth control, or your partner is, do you use condoms also?

    Yes. Birth control doesn’t protect against STD’s and not 100% effective.

  5. Top or bottom?

    Top or bottom.

  6. Very hot Summer day or a very cold Winter night?

    Neither, but if I had choose it’d have to be a hot summer day, ‘cause I have metal in my body and when its too cold, it chills and hurts.

  7. Camping or Road Trip?

    Camping. I can’t stay stitting too many hours straight. However I don’t mind taking a mini road trip.

  8. Sexting or phone sex?

    Phone sex. I don’t take sexting seriously. Phone sex is a little more intimate.

  9. College football or college basketball?

    Basketball, I don’t really follow football.

  10. Yanni or John Tesh?

  11. Viewing same meme over and over or surprise porn?

    Some memes that I view over and over are the ones I like reading/viewing the most.

  12. Couch or recliner?

    Couch. Though I enjoy putting my feet up from time to time.

  13. PC or Mac?

    Doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t too slow.

  14. Kathy Lee or Kellly Ripa?

    Kelly Ripa although I did miss Kathy Lee. Kelly is ditzy and she has a good looking husband so that’s a plus.

  15. Craig Ferguson or Jimmy Fallon?

  16. Riches or respect?

    Riches come and go and respect could get lost too but I feel respect is more important.

  17. Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?

    Tom Hanks. I’ve enjoyed most of his movies and he seems like less of a phony.

  18. Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman?

    Charlize Theron. She’s super gorgeous.

  19. Sweet tea or pop?

    Sweet tea. I don’t drink much pop anyway.

  20. Sitting on front porch or sitting around bonfire?

    Both. I really enjoy both. It’s nice sitting on a front porch relaxing with a cool breeze. But sitting around a bonfire keeping warm, pretty great too.